Wolvic 1.5 Released

Hello, and welcome to Wolvic 1.5! This is a big update, albeit mostly behind the scenes, and so we have a fair bit to share with you.

Up front, we’ve made a number of user interface (UI) improvements, such as the new hand models we show on all hand-tracking devices. These looks a fair bit like actual hands, which is useful when trying to manipulate virtual objects.

The second major UI improvement is the Find in Page feature, which works like it does in 2D browsers: you input a bit of text and Wolvic will highlight all occurrences of it in the page. You use arrow buttons to jump from one occurrence to the next (or to the previous) which can be very useful for finding specific bits of text in long pages like Wikipedia articles.

Third but by no means last, we’ve added a brand new date and time pickers, which are designed to be easily usable in virtual environments.

There are many other UI improvements, like better updates of the Wifi icon when connectivity changes, and updated translations of our Chinese and Korean interface translations. We’ve enabled YouTube captions, landed a fix for white flashes when frames are dropped, and you can open a new page in Wolvic from external programs without interrupting in-progress video playback. There’s also a new link to our funding collective — many thanks to all who support our continued development!

The biggest changes are really behind the scenes, though. We upgraded both the Gecko and Android Components versions to 116, much more recent (and thus feature-rich) than previous versions. Along with that, a great deal of work went into upgrading or removing deprecated API calls in favor of more modern APIs. This has greatly increased the health of our codebase, and keeps users as up to date as possible with new web capabilities.

We hope you enjoy using Wolvic 1.5! As usual, this has been a high-level overview, so there are more changes and fixes listed in the notes below. If you’ve found a new problem or have another issue, please send us your feedback (which will now open in a new tab or window!) or, if you prefer, file an issue on GitHub.




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