Igalia and Wolvic at AWE USA 2024

The Wolvic team from Igalia will be attending AWE USA in Long Beach, California on June 18-20, 2024. The team is looking forward to highlighting some of the work they’ve been doing with partners as well as showcasing the work with Wolvic on a Chromium backend. If you’re attending, please stop by the booth to chat with team or try out Wolvic on any of the devices they’ll have with them.

Upcoming: Wolvic on Chromium 1.0.0

Igalia is excited to announce the upcoming release of Wolvic on a Chromium backend. While Wolvic remains an engine-agnostic browser, the team has been hard at work to get Wolvic on Chromium to a stable place, and this backend switch brings us a more competitve edge with many benefits.

Wolvic gains a huge performance boost in switching to the Chromium backend, as well as new APIs and better support for the WebXR AR module and WebXR layers.

You can test out version 0.9.1 before 1.0.0 ships later this month. Find the APKs on GitHub.

Partnering with Magic Leap

Back in April, we announced our partnership with Magic Leap to bring Wolvic to their AR devices. We’re excited to showcase what we’ve been working on with Magic Leap. If you’re attending AWE US, please stop by the Igalia booth to test out Wolvic on Magic Leap’s devices.

Vision Glass Support

Wolvic has recently introduced support for another device, the Huawei Vision Glass, a set of AR glasses that are tethered to a smartphone and can display immersive content, while the phone itself can be used a controller. This new way of interacting with content features a new secondary UI with touchpad and media controls on the tethered phone. You can stop by the Igalia booth to also try out this device.

We’ll have a few other devices that showcase Wolvic so you can see what the team has been up to. We’re also interested in collecting feedback about Wolvic and will have a survey available. If you’re not attending AWE USA but would still like to participate, you can help us make Wolvic better by taking the survey.